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Yes and No. If you want a solution for your Facebook addiction or want to take a break from Facebook for few days/weeks without deleting your Facebook account permanently, then this is the best way to do it. If you are happy with your Facebook usage and think that things are under control, then you don’t need this service.
Register with us. A verification email will be send to your email address.
Login to the site go4break.com. As a FREE account user we will give you 20 credits so that use the service for 2 days duration. Click on button which says “Login with Facebook”. This will log you into your Facebook account. Please note we are not interested in your friends list, photos etc. We are only interested in you so that we can help you.
Select Any Duration: 2 days | 4 days | 1 week | 2 weeks | 3 weeks
You require 10 credits for one day. So for 2 days you need 20 Credits to pledge, for 1 week you need 70 credits and so on in your Credits Balance.
We don’t give you an option to select your start date. You can only select your duration. If you register today, then your break period Start date will be from tomorrow onwards. So you always have only hours or minutes before your break period starts.
Enter Pledged Credits: 20 Credits
If you successfully complete your 2 days break period then we will give put 15 credits back in to your account. If you fail to complete your 2 days break period then no credits are returned into your account. You will lose all your credits which you had pledged. So more credits you pledge, more chance that you will not login to your Facebook account during your break period, because you don’t want to lose your credits.
Loss of credits = Loss of money!
On completion of Step 3 you have only hours/minutes to deactivate your Facebook account “before” your break period starts. You have to manually deactivate your Facebook account yourself. We cannot do it for you.
Login to your Facebook account and deactivate it before your break start date (very important). A countdown timer is displayed which shows how much is left for you to deactivate your Facebook account.
All 4 Steps done –WHAT NEXT?
Now you have to resist the temptation to login to your Facebook account for next 2 days. If you don’t login to Facebook during your break period then you get 75% of your credits back into your Credit Balance at the end of the break period. But if you do login, then you lose all your pledged credits which means you failed to keep yourself away from Facebook for 2 days. If you login into your Facebook account during your break period, you will receive an email from our side with date/time of your login and informing that your pledged credits are lost and you have failed to complete your break period.
Hint – The more credits you pledge the better the chances that you will not login to Facebook during your break period because you don’t want to lose your credits which you have bought.
After few days/weeks/months you want to go for a break again to detoxify yourself from Facebook hen repeat the above steps again as you might have some credits left in your Credit Balance.
Question - Does this service install any software on PC/Laptop etc. like what other blocking software’s do?
No. This does not install anything on your PC/Laptop or any devices. Even if you login to your Facebook account using your friends PC/Laptop/Mobile/Tablet etc. we will know that you have logged into you Facebook account and your pledged credits will be set to ‘0’. Why don’t you try our FREE account and check yourself to see if it works for you or not.