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What is go4break.com?
go4break.com is website designed to help people to get over their social network addiction or habit. Social network has become one of the biggest ways to waste time and decrease productivity. You can do this either using your laptop/tablet or mobile. Self-discipline is not able to counter these social network addictions. So there is a need for a solution to help people get over these addictions and we have/are the solution.
What makes go4break.com special?
We are the only solution in the world which deters you from using social network for few days and helps you break your addiction problem. It’s a kind of social network rehab online center.
Social Network has made our lives easier in many ways, allowed us to connect to people we may not otherwise have, and is great way to share updates with family and friends. However it is also sucking more hours out of our day than we may realize. People even get guilty pangs from using these social network sites. This is because they have no control over themselves when using such sites. We help you get over this habit and give you a platform to take a sabbatical from such sites. You can take short breaks from 2 days to 20 days from these sites and start using it again after your break period. Doing this from time to time will give boost to your self-discipline and you will feel much better.
Who is in the team behind go4break?
We are a team of software developers and designers that believes in creating something innovating and challenging and have a vision to provide quality software solutions.