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Facebook is not a problem, it’s the way we use it.
It has the power to connect and to give a voice to important issues dominant in the society and it’s a good platform to share valuable information. It can be helpful tool for those who have family or friends in distant places or who want to reconnect with their old friends. Facebook can actually help you increase your self-esteem only if you use it in moderation.
Few questions to ask yourself –
Do you spend too much time on Facebook? Checking profiles of your friends to see what they are up to?
Do you feel strong urge to check your Facebook account whenever you access your laptop/PC or smartphone?
Do you feel bad when you don’t get too many likes or comments on your recent photo or status update?
Do you think you are not able to focus on your work or studies (your grades are getting affected)?
If your answer is “Yes” to any of the above questions then you might be suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD).
 According to recent researches conducted by universities and psychologist it’s suggested that:-
  •  People who spend more time on Facebook report feeling less happy and less content with their lives.
  •  It may become an unconscious habit and may develop into an addiction
Hard and fast fix might be to delete your Facebook account but that will mean missing out from family and friends and lose out on all the other good things Facebook has to offer. You might feel better for few days/weeks by deleting your account but eventually end up creating a new account and send friend request to all contacts again, uploading your photo albums again which is again waste of your time.
Here’s the Solution
Deactivate your account for few days. You need a strong will power or a good deterrent because the urge to login to your Facebook account would be so strong that you will be back “Facebooking” within few hours or days. Here go4break.com comes in to help you. Your money will act as a deterrent for you.
Register with us. Pledge some credits for a successful completion of your break period and deactivate your Facebook account for few days. Now you have a “good” reason not to login to your Facebook account during your break period which can be from few days to few weeks. If you login to your Facebook account within your break-period you will lose your pledged credits (loss of money) and if you don’t login to Facebook during your break period, you retain 75% of your pledged credits.
After your break-period you can resume your normal Facebook usage and whenever you feel the need to detoxify yourself again come back to go4break.com and get yourself a “deserving” break.
We give you break options from 2 days to maximum 21 days only. Once you take a break successfully you will feel much better and most importantly guilt free.
As a promotional offer you can try our service FREE. No Credit Card required. No Software to download or install. Just register for a FREE account and start using it.
Testimonials –

I asked my daughter to register for this. She was always stressed due to some reason, I don’t know why. Since last few days she’s not busy on her mobile checking her Facebook status. This service has helped her get rid of her habit. I will recommend it to my other friends for sure!
- Caroline J.

I have been waiting for something like this. I tried free account first for 2 days and then later for 1 week. Feeling good after taking few days off Facebook!!
– Nicolas P.

The catch here is to put more credits on pledge then you have to think twice before logging into FB. Must confess, I did failed first time and lost my pledged credits :( But 2’nd time I had better will power to get over this. Great work guys, thanks.
– Pete A.